About Illinois Virtual School (IVS)

Illinois State Board of Education’s Statewide Virtual School

Illinois State Board of Education logoIllinois Virtual School (IVS) is the Illinois State Board of Education’s (ISBE) statewide virtual school. ISBE established IVS as a supplemental online program. The IVS program is designed to allow students who are enrolled in a public or private school to supplement their education by taking courses that are educationally appropriate.

A school partnership with IVS provides:

  • an opportunity for students to take courses not offered by their face-to-face school, such as Advanced Placement, world languages, and other enrichment opportunities;
  • flexibility in scheduling with enrollment terms starting throughout the year;
  • credit recovery options for students to graduate on time; and
  • individualized instruction that occurs anytime and anywhere through teacher managed courses.

Peoria County LogoThe IVS program is administered through the Peoria County Regional Office of Education, a member of the Illinois Association of Regional Superintendents of Schools (IARSS). Working in partnership with public and private schools as well as homeschooled students, IVS offers both classes for students and professional development programs for educators through online web-bases services. Online learning increases educational access to improve educational outcomes.

For more information on IVS, or to inquire about research opportunities, please contact:

Cindy Hamblin, Director
Illinois Virtual School
PO Box 103, 10112 West Dubois Road
Edwards, IL  61528
Phone: (309) 676-1000 ext. 1051