How IVS Works

The Illinois Virtual School (IVS) program is funded through the Illinois State Board of Education and its operation is administered through the Peoria County Regional Office of Education.

IVS Partners with Public, Private, and Home Schools to Provide:

  • Opportunities for students to take Full Service courses not offered by their face-to-face school, such as Advanced Placement, foreign languages, and other enrichment opportunities;
  • Credit Recovery options for students to graduate on time; and
  • Instruction that occurs anytime, anywhere, and any pace through teacher managed courses.

Since IVS partners —not competes—with schools, the local school retains their students and is able to offer expanded learning opportunities.

Credit/IVS Completion Report

IVS provides schools and students with a Completion Report that includes percent earned for full-service courses and pass/fail for Credit Recovery. A recommended grading scale is provided on the Completion Report. However, the local school determines the final grade that is added to the official transcript. IVS courses carry Carnegie credit equivalency which schools and home schools can transfer to their official transcript. IVS does not award diplomas.

Cost and Payment Options

Please visit our Cost and Payment Information page for more information.