Full Service Courses

Semester courses taught by IL licensed teachers

Full Service Courses are taught by Illinois licensed instructors responsible for maintaining communication with students, providing instructional feedback, and assisting with course content questions.

Grades and Completion Certificates will be available to students, parents, and schools in the IVS Student Information System at the end of the semester OR as students complete their course.

Full Service Course Listing - Fall and Spring


Each Full Service course is $225 per semester.  Students will have a 2 week grace period to drop a course without charge. Schools will be invoiced for new enrollments once during each fixed schedule enrollment period. IVS will invoice home school students.

Determination of the fee payment for IVS is a matter of local decision and the student is responsible for checking with the local school district to determine who will be paying for the course (the student/parent or the district).

The Full Service courses are recognized by NCAA and College Board, Ceeb Code: 140188. View approved courses at NCAA Eligibility Center.


Students have 17 weeks from the Start Date (see table below) to complete the course.  Students will be given a pacing chart for the course by the instructor at the start to help students stay on task and meet due dates for required assignments.

Note: May and June start dates do not allow 17 full weeks of access. Start dates are modified so that students will finish the course prior to the beginning of the next school year.

Start Dates for 2016-2017

Download 2016-17 Full Service Start Dates

Start Date for Course
(Last Date to Enroll)

Drop Date

Course Term
End Date


Extension End Date

Fall 2016

 August 18*^ - CLOSED

September 1

December 15

December 20

January 12

September 1*^ - CLOSED

September 15

December 29

January 5

January 26

September 20*^ - CLOSED

October 4

January 17

January 23

February 14

October 18 - CLOSED

November 1

February 14

February 21

March 14

November 8 - CLOSED

November 22

March 7

March 13

April 4

December 6 - CLOSED

December 20

April 4

April 10

May 2

Spring 2017

January 5**^ - CLOSED

January 19

May 4

May 10

June 1

January 19**^ - CLOSED

February 2

May 18

May 25

June 15

 February 14 - CLOSED

February 28

 June 13

 June 19

 July 11

 March 14

 March 28

 July 11

 July 17

 August 8

Summer 2017

 April 11 (17 Weeks)

 April 25

 August 8

 August 14

 September 5

 May 9 (13 Weeks)

 May 23

 August 8

 August 14

 September 5

 June 6 (10 Weeks)

 June 20

 August 15

 August 21

 September 12

 June 20 (8 Weeks)

 July 4

 August 15

 August 21

 September 12

* Open enrollment for the first semester of AP courses.
^ Open enrollment for AP courses that are only one semester (AP Environmental Science, AP Psychology, AP US Government, AP Macroeconomics, and AP Microeconomics).
** Open enrollment for the second semester of AP courses.