Become a PD Partner with IVS

The Illinois Virtual School (IVS) has built an online delivery system for statewide professional development.

Partners will utilize the IVS Student Information System (SIS) to:

  • create user credentials; Educators will be assigned to region, district, and schools based on RCDTS codes.
  • register participants into courses;
  • manage courses by department and section (based on IARSS departments) and unique sections;
  • track user progress and completion;
  • collect course evaluations; and
  • grant CPDU certificates.

Course management consists of identifying instructors for facilitator-led courses, determining fixed or rolling enrollment, and fees which generate unique authorization codes for participants to use to enroll in partner courses.

Partners will utilize the Learning Management System (LMS) to:

  • manage content, assessments, and discussions tied to the course;
  • track participant attendance and progress in the course; and
  • conduct asynchronous and synchronous communication.

IVS Instructional Designers will work with partners to convert existing face-to-face professional development to online PD format or work with Subject Matter Experts (SME) to build new PD offerings.

Please contact Danielle Brush Lewis, Coordinator of Professional Development Services via email or 309-676-1000 ext. 1059 to find out how to become a partner today!