Facilitated Courses

Facilitated course consists of interactive lessons, discussion boards, and the development and submission of a final project/action plan. You will start at the same time as your cohort and progress together through the course. Plan to spend at least 3-5 hours per week completing weekly assignments that have a scheduled due date. 

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Course Title


PD Clock Hours

Dates Offered

Winter/Spring 2018      

Designing Blended Learning

Transition your teaching to blended learning experiences where some portion of learning occurs online and outside the classroom setting.

$100 for course

25 PD Clock Hours January 22-March 4, 2018

Assessment in 21st Century Classrooms

Learn how to plan, develop, and manage student-centered assessment strategies that can benefit your teaching and your students' learning.

$100 for course

25 PD Clock Hours March 19-April 29, 2018
Summer 2018      

Project-Based Approaches

Explore the features and benefits of project-based authentic learning with classroom scenarios that help you to engage students with self-directed learning.

$100 for course

25 PD Clock Hours June 4-July 15, 2018

Teaching Students to Think Critically with Data

Examine critical thinking with a focus on data analysis and help prepare students to think analytically in our global, information-rich world.


25 PD Clock Hours July 16-August 26, 2018
Fall 2018      

Collaboration in the Digital Classroom

Plan and manage collaboration activities that integrate online tools, which are increasingly an integral part of our digital world.

$100 for course 25 PD Clock Hours September 17 - October 28, 2018

Inquiry in the Science Classroom 

Transition from textbook science to authentic inquiry in this course. Explore ways to develop your students' scientific thinking and practices.

$100 for course 25 PD Clock Hours October 29-December 9, 20178