Student Success Indicators

Instructors with years of online experience agree that the following indicators will promote student success:

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  • Being self-directed and motivated.
    Students must complete course activities on their own and be responsible for creating the structure to finish a course.
  • Communicating effectively through writing.
    Writing is a primary method of communication in online classes, so students should be able to express thoughts, share ideas, and ask questions through writing.
  • Committing to 4 to 15 hours per week to each course.
    Students need to plan to spend at least as much time on assignments and studying as they would with a traditional course. Students may discover that they need to be online frequently to complete assignments and communicate with classmates and the instructor.
  • Willing to “speak up” and ask questions if there is a problem.
    In an online environment, it is important for students to let the instructor and classmates know when they need assistance. Keep in mind, instructors can't see expressions of doubt, confusion, or other body language to indicate when things aren't going well, so students should not hesitate in contacting the instructor.
  • Having consistent, reliable access to a computer/Internet.
    Students need to have reliable and ongoing access to a computer and Internet in order to complete online assignments.  Students should be comfortable with Internet browsing, word processing, and downloading, saving, and uploading documents.
  • Having a person at the face-to-face (f2f) school and/or at home who monitors progress and checks in periodically.
    Parents/Guardians and School Support Personnel need to take an active role in providing support and assistance to students.
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