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A student's family has an important role in helping students stay on task and be successful. You can log into the IVS Student Information System to monitor student progress.  It is also important to maintain positive communication with your child's IVS Instructor.

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Learn how IVS partners with public, private, and home schools to provide online courses.

How IVS Works

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IVS Blog: Parents Corner

Monday, May 15, 2017

Spotting Fake News

You may remember an IVS blog post from January that described a National Public Radio story which to…


What Families are Saying About IVS

Angela Valentine, Mother of Katrina

“I have found IVS to be an excellent online program. The quality of education is outstanding, the teachers very capable, responsive, attentive, on target, excellent communication and very nice with the students. My interaction with all the management staff has also been a very professional and outstanding experience. They were attentive, prompt and very helpful. I really wish we would have started Katrina sooner. Thank you IVS for everything!”

Kim, Mother of Kyle who completed Consumer Economics

"Thank you so much for all of your help and patience with Kyle. This online course proved to be more than just a graduation requirement; when a student like Kyle is motivated and can work at his own pace, the benefits are amazing. Kyle has an IEP, and he was able to complete the course himself, did not ask me for much help at all, and I believe got more out of it than sitting in a classroom. Thanks again!