Benefits of Teaching Online with IVS

Illinois Virtual School (IVS) exists to expand the access and opportunity of online learning to all students across Illinois. Our dedication and passion for inspiring, motivating, and supporting students are shared among all of our team members. Our organization continues to grow and we invite you to grow with us. We encourage you to explore other benefits to joining our IVS family.

  • As an online teacher, you have more options for engaging in instructional activities because there are no time or physical space limitations. Whether you prefer to work in the morning, afternoon, or evening, this is your choice.
  • Over 60% of our teachers also teach full-time face-to-face classes, 15% of our teachers are retired including part-time teachers who would like to remain engaged in education while maintaining the work-life balance.
  • On average, our teachers have been with us for seven years. Our instructors reside in every corner throughout the state of Illinois including some who have moved out of state. By joining our family, you have immediate access to learning from our experienced colleagues--90% of which hold a Master’s Degree. You will also have a strong support system including a new teacher mentor and participation in our ongoing professional learning community.
  • If you have a technology question, our help desk is readily available to assist.
  • Before you may begin teaching with IVS, you will participate and complete a series of free online professional development courses--each with its own purpose. Whether learning more about the online teaching and learning environment, the learning management system we use, or the expectations we have for instructors, we will help ensure you are ready and prepared to become a rock-star online instructor.
  • Our team has curated a wealth of online resources which will help support you during your online teaching journey. We have promising practices, help guides, and other engaging information readily available at your fingertips to help strengthen your online teaching pedagogy.
  • Teaching online at IVS may open other professional opportunities for you such as teaching online at night, during the summer, or adjunct positions with universities or community colleges.
  • Do you value staying at the forefront of our educational field? You will have the opportunity to stay current on the latest trends, best practices, and emerging technologies.
  • As an IVS teacher, you will widen your geographic reach by teaching students across multiple geographic regions. Interacting with students when the walls become removed benefits the student experience but also the instructors. You will become more cognizant of the cultures and diversity of students.
  • Do you also teach face-to-face classes? Your experience at IVS may help you become a change agent and leading educational technology expert within your institution. Research indicates teachers who return to the classroom after teaching online become stronger teachers.
  • Because an online teacher remains separated from their students by geography, time, and senses, you will learn how to motivate your students in innovative ways and deliver communication using multiple mediums.
  • Some rote tasks become automated in the online environment saving you time.
  • Should issues arise, permanent records of student work or participation remain accessible throughout the course.
  • Using the analytics generated by our learning management system, D2L, you will be able to examine and evaluate your teaching practices in real-time using powerful data.
  • IVS teachers have the ability to act as subject matter experts and work to improve/enhance courses. Our courses are always changing to include new standards or pedagogy and we encourage teachers to try new things. Online courses are safe places to try new lessons or new technology because they can be updated quickly and previous version are always archived.

Employment Opportunities

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