How IVS Works

Illinois Virtual School (IVS) is a supplemental online program for the state of Illinois.

Students cannot graduate from IVS or earn a diploma.  Rather, IVS partners with schools to expand their curriculum, offer flexibility in scheduling, and help students meet Illinois graduation requirements. It is easy for schools to PARTNER WITH IVS!

Students will create an IVS account, being sure to associate him/herself with the face-to-face school or select Home School if the student is not enrolled in a face-to-face school.

Once the account is made, the student can request a course. The course request is automatically sent to the student’s local, face-to-face school Registrar. If the student is associated with Home School, the student will work directly with the IVS Registrar. The school Registrar will approve or deny the course request based on the local school guidelines.

Each IVS course is facilitated by an Illinois licensed instructor, aligned to appropriate state standards, and holds a credit equivalency of 1 semester or .5 Carnegie credit.

Upon completion of the IVS course, an IVS Completion Report is available for download in our SIS to the student, parent/guardian, and school. The local school adds the course grade to the student’s official transcript.

Since IVS partners —not competes—with schools, the local school retains their students. The local school utilizes IVS to expand learning opportunities.