Anna Burhans

Reading Skills and Strategies/Writing Skills and Strategies

Over my eleven years of teaching, I have taught 6th graders all the way through high school. I create a safe atmosphere for students to allow themselves to be surprised by their hidden reading and writing talents.

My first real job out of college involved recruiting for a IT consulting company. It hurt my heart when I needed to turn down a candidate because he had a hard time communicating his talents on paper in a professional and error-free way. So, I decided I wanted to help kids, who would one day join the workforce, learn how to communicate their talents and be able to do whatever they want one day. At the same time, I was taking improvisation classes through The Second City, and the sense of empathy we needed to learn to be successful on the stage felt like something EVERY classroom should have.

Favorite Quote: "Life's like a movie, with your own ending." - Kermit the Frog