Bonita Walker-Jones


Beginning in 1997, I taught English and Computer Science face-to-face courses at traditional high schools. In 2001, I became a mentor-teacher for Illinois Virtual School to help students finish high school by taking online credit recovery courses in my computer lab classroom. In 2005, I became an online English teacher.

Teaching became my life when I was a young Computer Technician. I used to teach business people how to use computers to perform their jobs more efficiently. Since I loved teaching technology to adults, I earned my M.Ed. to become a high school technology teacher. As a movie buff and avid reader, I added English content to my classes and mixed the two career skills, so I could teach English using Technology. Twenty years ago, when I was asked to pilot courses for a new online school (Illinois Virtual), I knew I had found the perfect match. I teach students anywhere, any time, and any place while giving each one individualized learning experiences to meet their educational needs.

Favorite Quote: "...if we teach children today as we taught them yesterday, we will rob them of tomorrow..." - Dewey