What IVS Offers

IVS offers two online course solutions to meet the needs of students. View our COURSES page for details regarding courses offered, start dates, and payment options.

Original Credit/Full Service and Credit Recovery Courses

  • Original Credit/Full Service courses include curricular content that provides sufficient instruction, practice, and assessments for students to master skills and concepts. The courses are aligned to relevant learning standards and are recognized by the NCAA and College Board. Courses have been coded based on the State Course Codes and rigor levels as part of the Illinois State Course System (ISCS). Illinois certified, highly qualified teachers facilitate each IVS course. 
  • The Credit Recovery courses are proficiency based. These courses are intended for students that were unsuccessful in passing the course the first time and need to retake the course with IVS to recover credit. Illinois certified teachers manage these courses.

Online Professional Development

IVS also offers blended, self-paced, and instructor/facilitator-led training opportunities to educators across the state of Illinois. For more information, visit the PROFESSIONAL DEVELOMENT portal for details regarding professional development courses offered.