Course Solutions

Original Credit/Full Service and Credit Recovery

Students smilingThrough Illinois Virtual School, school districts, non-public schools and parents of home-schooled students can provide students with access to a wider range of course offerings, with the opportunity to develop their capacities as independent learners, and with increased time and opportunity to achieve because learning online is neither time nor place dependent.

IVS offers two course solutions to meet the needs of students:

  • Original Credit/Full Service courses include curricular content that provides sufficient instruction, practice, and assessments for students to master skills and concepts. The courses are aligned to relevant learning standards and are recognized by the NCAA and College Board. Full Service courses cost $240 per semester course*.
  • Credit Recovery courses are proficiency based and are intended for students that failed the course and are retaking it to recover credit. Although the course content is aligned to relevant learning standards, Credit Recovery courses are not NCAA approved due to prescriptive design. Credit Recovery courses cost $95 per course*.

The IVS Middle School series includes Full Service and Learning Recovery courses, as well as Bridge courses to help students prepare for the next grade level over the summer.

PDF icon Full Service and Credit Recovery Comparison Table

Course Quality

Quality Matters Program LogoIVS utilizes the Quality Matter’s Standards for Course Design when creating and enhancing our online courses. Quality Matters (QM) is a national leader in quality assurance for online education. Select IVS courses have gone through the rigorous QM review process and have earned the QM certification. Additional IVS course are targeted to be reviewed by QM for the certification stamp.

Course Selection and Requests

IVS strongly recommends that students attending public or private schools work closely with their counselor to select appropriate IVS course(s). Students enrolled in a local public or private school must have their course request approved by the school representative. It is recommended that students enroll in only one course at a time if they are new to online learning.