Bridge Courses

Schools around Illinois have been working hard to ensure quality learning in a remote or hybrid environment. However, the reality is that some students are in need of extra supports in addition to their local school’s resources. In line with our mission to keep Illinois learning, IVS is offering a series of self-paced, personalized courses to help shore up individual student learning gaps.

IVS Bridge courses are non-credit bearing courses designed to support all students in rising to the expectations established by the Illinois Learning Standards. With content developed specifically for the Standards, courses in Math and English Language Arts are used to deliver grade-level instruction and provide intervention and remediation.

IVS Bridge courses can be used to:

  • Close learning gaps
  • Strengthen understanding of key concepts
  • Prepare for the next grade level/course
  • Accelerate learning for advanced learners

Available Courses

Middle School

  • English Language Arts for Grade 6
  • English Language Arts for Grade 7
  • English Language Arts for Grade  8
  • Math for Grade 6
  • Math for Grade 7
  • Math for Grade 8

High School

  • Algebra I
  • Algebra II
  • Geometry
  • English I
  • English II

How Do IVS Bridge Courses Work?

Each unit in a Bridge course offers a prescriptive pretest, a series of modules, and a summative post-test. Each module provides a unique instructional approach to build knowledge, develop critical thinking and deepen understanding. Units and modules can be repeated until students achieve mastery of the skill.

The student experience is comprised of:

  • Pre-Test: Students take a unit level pre-test to determine the modules they need to review. Students have access to all modules but the pre-test prescribes the required modules and the post-test. If students are not performing at grade-level the pre-test may prescribe modules from other grade levels in order to bring the student up to where they need to be.
  • Learn It: In each module students engage in direct instruction where they will answer questions, interact with animations, and apply their learning using real-world examples. All practice contained in the Learn It sections provides immediate formative feedback to the student.
  • Try It: Students participate in a series of practice problems with immediate formative feedback.
  • Review It: As students get closer to the Test It, they are given a chance to review the module material in a different format than the Learn It section.
  • Test It: Each module finishes with a Test It quiz where students demonstrate mastery of the module concepts. The results of the Test It are recorded.
  • Post-Test: After completing all prescribed modules, students take a summative unit post-test. The results of the Post-Test are recorded.
IVS Bridge courses adapt to meet each student’s needs with an intentional design that includes assessment, remediation, and instruction - all with embedded support managed by an Illinois licensed teacher.

How Will Grading and Reporting Work?

IVS Bridge courses are self-paced meaning that each student is working on his/her own personal learning path. All assessments are computer-graded allowing students to get instant feedback. Practice items in the Learn It and Try It sections can be repeated until students feel comfortable moving forward. Students have three attempts on Test It quizzes and two attempts on Unit Post-Tests.

The IVS teacher manager helps students get started in the course, monitors student progress, and answers student questions. This course experience will not include a final grade.

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