Credit Recovery Courses

NOTE:  The last day to enroll in a Credit Recovery Course was November 15, 2021.

Credit Recovery Courses include prescriptive pretests to identify what a student has learned previously and areas of deficiency for each unit of content. An individual learning plan is automatically generated based on each unit pretest results. Students are not required to complete lessons and assessments for concepts they have mastered based on the pretest. Each course is managed by an Illinois certified instructor who will assess written work and provide progress alerts.

The Credit Recovery course option should not be used for NCAA athletes. The NCAA requires students to complete all activities within a semester course. Because an Individual Learning plan is generated for the student, our Credit Recovery courses are not NCAA approved.

To earn a passing grade, students must:
  1. Complete all graded items prescribed by the pretest results. This includes:
    1. computer-based assessment and
    2. assignments that are downloaded from the course, completed by hand or word processor, and uploaded back to the course.
  2. Earn a minimum overall score of 60% from assessments and graded assignments. Students MUST check their email for course instructions and reminders. Email communication with important course information is sent throughout the course. The document below provides more details regarding the credit recovery course content and the IVS instructor’s role in the course.