Full Service/Original Credit Courses

Semester courses taught by IL licensed teachers

NOTE:  The last day to enroll in an Original Credit/Full Service Course was January 11, 2022.

Full Service/Original Credit Courses are taught by Illinois licensed instructors responsible for maintaining communication with students, providing instructional feedback, and assisting with course content questions. Grades and completion certificates will be available to students, parents, and schools in the IVS Student Information System at the end of the semester when grades are scheduled to be finalized or upon request if students complete their course early.

Remaining Term Information

Start Date
for Course

Last Date to Drop
without charge

Course Term
End Date


Extension End Date

Nov 2

Nov 16 Mar 4 Mar 11 April 1

Jan 11**

Jan 25 May 13 May 20 NO EXTENSIONS

Important Advanced Placement (AP) Course Information

*Open enrollment for the first semester of AP courses that have two semesters.
^Open enrollment for AP courses that are only one semester.
**Open enrollment for the second semester of AP courses that have two semesters.

The Full Service courses are recognized by NCAA and College Board, Ceeb Code: 140188. View approved courses at NCAA Eligibility Center.