Full Service Course Extension

Pen, paper and laptopStudents can receive a four-week extension to a Full Service IVS course. IVS requires that 50% of course assignments must be completed to be eligible for an extension.

Exceptions may be granted for a student with an educational plan (IEP/504) on file with IVS or other special exception approved by the IVS Director.

A course extension must be approved by the parent/guardian, local school (by required signature on the extension form), and the IVS Teacher. There is a fee of $75.00 for a four-week full service course extension.

Extension invoices will be sent according to payment responsibility selected by the local school. The school is billed by default. In cases where the school has chosen the option for students to pay IVS course fees directly, the student will receive the extension invoice.

Students paying IVS course fees directly to IVS ("student payment responsibility") will need to submit payment of the $75 course extension fee prior to approval of the extension. Once the IVS Teacher approves the extension, the student will be invoiced through the IVS information system and will have 5 days to submit payment from the date of the invoice. Electronic payment is recommended, as checks may not be received in the office by the due date.

Download and submit PDF icon Request for Extension Form by week 15 of the course to ensure uninterrupted access to course content.

Steps for Completing the Course Extension Request:

  1. Students should check with their IVS Teacher to see if the progress requirement of 50% of course assignments completed has been met.
  2. Fill out lines 1 through 5 of the Request for Extension Form.
  3. Sign the student and parent portion of the Request for Extension Form.
  4. Student or parent must obtain the approval signature of an authorized representative at the local school. This signature is required except in the case of IVS Home School students.
  5. Student, parent or local school should submit the completed Request for Extension Form to the IVS Teacher prior to the course end date. Check with your IVS Teacher for preferred method of delivery (email, fax, photo, etc.).
  6. The IVS Teacher will email the Request for Extension form to the IVS Administrative Office for final processing.
  7. a. If the school is responsible for paying the IVS course extension fee ("school payment responsibility"), the extension will be processed immediately upon IVS Teacher approval.
    b. If the student is responsible for paying IVS course fees directly to IVS ("student payment responsibility"), the $75 course extension fee must be paid prior to final approval of the course extension.