Illinois State Course Catalog (ISCC)

IVS high school courses have been coded based on the Illinois State Course Catalog Codes and rigor levels as part of the Illinois Longitudinal Data System: The Transcript Coding Project, for the convenience of districts to assist in the placement of students into IVS courses.

PDF icon IVS Client Crosswalk - Quick Guide to ISCC Codes

Illinois Virtual School (IVS) courses are matched with the appropriate State Code. This list has been reviewed by ISBE. In recording the IVS course to a student’s transcript which is reported to ISBE, there are two scenarios possible.

  1. If the student is taking an IVS course during their regularly scheduled school day and attendance is taken and recorded in your local student information system (SIS), the data will be automatically included in your batch upload to ISBE. In this scenario the IVS course is part of your school’s master schedule. 
  2. If the student is taking an IVS course in addition to their traditional school day schedule (i.e., attendance is not taken for the student), the file will have to be uploaded to ISBE through the transfer course template. 

When entering the teacher of record, you will use the IVS codes noted in the IVS Client Crosswalk PDF above and leave the teacher name blank.  You can also use outside entity, but be sure it is not listed as outside the state of Illinois.

Please note when coding the appropriate term for the IVS courses, 1 should be used for Fall courses, 2 should be used for Spring courses, and 3 should be used for Summer courses.