Summer School

Illinois Virtual School (IVS) is the perfect way to keep your students on track during the summer months. Whether students want to take enrichment courses, required core courses to make room in their high school schedule or recover credit to stay on track for graduation, IVS is your Summer School destination!

Illinois Virtual School's summer session provides two different calendar options for students; one that begins on May 5 and the other on June 2.

Whether traveling, working, attending a camp, competing in sports, etc.; we understand how busy students are over the summer. For this reason, our June summer term offers a rolling start date. What does this mean? Students can start their course as early as June 2. However, for those who prefer to start later or for those who decide to register unexpectedly, you may enroll up until June 16. Regardless of when a student begins in May or June, all students have until August 4 to complete their coursework. Please keep in mind the following:

  • The summer learning environment is condensed and fast-paced. If you are trying to complete a yearlong course over the summer, we strongly encourage you to start your course on June 2. This will allow you adequate time to successfully learn the concepts from both the semester one and semester two course.

Start Date for Course


Drop Date

Course Term
End Date


Extension End Date

May 5 (13 Week Session)
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May 12

 May 19

 August 4

 August 11

 September 1

June 2 (9 Week Session)
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June 16

Two Weeks
after Student
Starts Course

 August 4

 August 11

 September 1

Full Service courses meet state and national standards, are are taught by highly qualified, Illinois licensed teachers, and are NCAA approved. These courses are only $240 per semester course.

Credit Recovery courses utilize prescriptive pretests to generate an individual learning plan to mastery. Teacher Managers monitor student progress and grade key activities. Each Credit Recovery course is only $95.

  • Middle School Series offers recovery, skill building, and full service courses to meet Middle School needs. Our Middle School Series includes:
    • Full Service - full semester courses led by an Illinois licensed teacher and aligned to state and national standards. These are open for the April, May, and June terms.

      Available June Only
    • Learning Recovery - self-paced, teacher managed skill building courses designed to help students with knowledge and skill deficiency. Learning Recovery helps students stay on track towards high school.
    • Bridge - self-paced, teacher managed skill building courses targeting students during the summer months to help them prepare for the next grade level.

Credit Recovery students and Middle School students taking Learning Recovery and/or Bridge courses can select their own start date during the summer and have 12 weeks to complete the course.

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