Summer School

Illinois Virtual School (IVS) is the perfect way to keep your students on track during the summer months. Whether students want to take courses for enrichment, to make room in their high school schedule, or recover credit, IVS is your Summer School Adventure!

We offer over 100 summer middle and high school courses taught by Illinois certified teachers who are experts in their respective subject areas.

 Course List for Summer Session (PDF)

ATTENTION!  Many IVS Full Service Summer Term Courses are CLOSED. (Updated June 2, 2020)
----We have several courses still open including courses in our Agriculture, Fine Arts, Language Arts, Science, and World Languages departments. Middle School and Credit Recovery courses are also still open. -----

The courses listed below are now closed and students are no longer able to make course requests nor is a school able to enroll. Those requests that are in our system as of the end of the day June 2, 2020, will be kept in our system until June 16, and if an opening becomes available, we will contact the school to process the request and enroll the student in the course.

  • Algebra I: 1st semester
  • Algebra I: 2nd semester
  • Algebra II: 1st semester
  • Algebra II: 2nd semester
  • Algebra II-Honors: 1st semester
  • Algebra II-Honors: 2nd semester
  • Beginning Programming: 1st semester
  • Beginning Programming: 2nd semester
  • Consumer Economics
  • Geometry: 1st semester
  • Geometry: 2nd semester
  • Geometry-Honors: 1st semester
  • Geometry-Honors: 2nd semester
  • Health Education
  • Intermediate Programming: 1st semester
  • Intermediate Programming: 2nd semester content
  • Introduction to Sociology
  • Precalculus: 1st semester
  • Precalculus: 2nd semester
  • Psychology
  • US/American History: 1st semester
  • US/American History: 2nd semester
  • US/American History-Honors: 1st semester
  • US/American History-Honors: 2nd semester
  • US Government and Civics
  • US Government and Civics - Honors
  • World History: 1st semester
  • World History: 2nd semester
  • World History-Honors: 1st semester
  • World History-Honors: 2nd semester

Start Date for Course


Drop Date

Course Term
End Date


Extension End Date

May 5
(13 Week Session)

May 18

Two Weeks
after Student
Starts Course*

 Aug 4

 Aug 11

 Sept 1

June 2
(9 Week Session)
Registration Now Open!

June 16 - Student Can Submit Course Request
Note: The face-to-face school can approve a course request
or directly enroll a student in a course through June 19.

Two Weeks
after Student
Starts Course*

 Aug 4

 Aug 11

 Sept 1

*Students may be enrolled into each term start date past the scheduled start date and still have a two-week grade drop period.  Keep in mind:

  • The summer learning environment is condensed and fast-paced. 
  • Students trying to complete a yearlong course over the summer should enroll in both semesters on the same start date, May 5 or June 2, to allow adequate time to successfully complete both semesters.
    • By enrolling in both semesters in the same start date, your instructors are better aware of your plans and will complete accelerated Pace Charts to help you meet your goal.

Ready for Summer School?

Summer School Tool Kit

This following items were created to help schools and families get started in their summer planning.