How to Partner with IVS

IVS partners with local public, private, and home schools to offer standards aligned courses taught by Illinois licensed teachers.

The local school retains the student and provides approval for any course request initiated by the student.

Upon successful completion of the online course, the school awards the student credit earned on the school's transcript or school record.


Throughout the process, designated local school contacts have access to the IVS Student Information System (SIS) to monitor student progress. You can read more about the course options, costs and payment responsibility, and the enrollment process in the IVS Partner Agreement avaiable below.

IVS Partner Agreement

 Download and review IVS Partner Agreement

Submit Your School Contact Information

The IVS Partner Agreement is the initial step for becoming an IVS Partner School. New partners are required to submit current contact information for at least one Registrar, Mentor, and Invoice Contact. Schools will also designate payment responsibility of course fee(s) to the student or the school.

There are two ways to submit your school contact information: