IVS Full Service courses are recognized by the NCAA. Credit Recovery courses are NOT approved as the NCAA does not allow for ‘testing out’ of course content. All NCAA athletes should have beenenrolled in a Full Service course.

Course List

A complete list of IVS courses that were approved by the NCAA can be found on the NCAA website. Students, parent/guardians and counselors will need the following CEEB Code to access the list: 140188.

Adding IVS Courses to NCAA Portal

Before the IVS Completion Report can be uploaded, the student must add Illinois Virtual School to their high school list on the NCAA Eligibility Center in order for the IVS Completion Report (transcript) to be uploaded. IVS’ NCAA code is 140188.

Once IVS is added, please contact Danielle Lewis at [email protected] so she can upload the student's IVS Completion Report (transcript) to the NCAA Eligibility Center.  Be sure to provide the student name, graduation year, and NCAA ID in your email.