Remote Learning Options

Are you looking for a virtual and remote learning option for your students for Fall and Spring?

This page is intended for school district leaders exploring remote partnership options for their students. If you are a parent interested in our homeschool options, please visit our homeschool page.

Let Illinois Virtual School do the heavy lifting for you. We are currently partnering with districts and schools across our State to continue delivering remote options.

Examples include:

  • Supporting dozens or hundreds of families with a continued, temporary, and safe alternative to returning to campus.
  • Providing learners who prefer the remote alternative to on-campus learning with over 180+ course offerings.
  • Helping districts and schools expand upon the remote alternative they built during the pandemic by scaling the volume and variety of online learning options available to their learners.
  • Providing access to the IVS content and curriculum, learning management system, technological infrastructure and help desk while retaining your teachers to deliver your own locally-branded remote courses.
  • Establishing a remote alternative school, night school or similar learning experience for students who need scheduling flexibility or are at-risk of not graduating with their peers.
  • Offering personalized remote solutions to address learning gaps, strengthen understanding and complement the on-campus coursework students are completing.
  • Co-teaching models where our and your teacher partner together to offer more intense remote solutions targeting under-supported students.

Setting up sustainable and high-quality remote or blended learning solutions requires extensive work, time, and resources. In addition, depending on your local resources, these solutions may serve to be more cost-effective through a partnership with IVS.

District or school leaders may use this link to the Getting the Conversation Started form or embedded below to share information about their needs.

We will reach out to get the conversation started and gain a better sense of the most effective solution to help continue driving the student success in your district or school.

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