How to Start and Support Students in an IVS Course

The first step that needs to be taken, no matter if you have one student taking one course or if the student is part of your Full-Class Implementation, is to create an IVS Student Account.

Please take the time to read through each step below to get a thorough understanding of the process before accessing the corresponding Help Guides, which are provided below the Steps.

Step One: Student Creates an IVS Account

An account is made only once. The student and the parent/guardian will need an email account to create the account and complete the application.

When a student creates an account, at least one parent/guardian account is made at the same time. A unique username will be created automatically within the system, but the student and parent/guardian can create his/her own password. Once the account is created and the application submitted, the IVS system will automatically send an email containing your credentials. Please remind students to keep these credentials on file.

Note:  Making an IVS account is a two-step process. Please remind students they need to login immediately after creating the username and password to complete the application and associate themselves with your school name.

Step Two: School Registrar Approves Student Course Request OR Directly Enrolls Student in Course

Students may request to take a course OR the designated IVS school Registrar can directly enroll the student without the student making a request to take a course. Students will not be enrolled in a course until the school's designated IVS Registrar approves the course request or directly enrolls the student in the course. Students, parents/guardians, and the IVS Registrar will receive an email from IVS ([email protected]) when the student has been enrolled.

Note: If students are participating within the Full-Class Implementation model, students do not need to request a course because IVS or the IVS Registrar will enroll students in the appropriate school-only section. 


  • Students needing online instructional support to complete a course for NCAA accreditation will need to enroll in our Full Service Courses.
  • Credit Recovery courses are organized separately from Full Service courses. Please make sure to select the course from the appropriate department.

Step Three: Help Students Prepare Their Computer or Device

Please share with your tech department/person the document "How to Prepare Your Device for IVS Courses" page with links and PDF to download to ensure that the recommended operating system and supported web browsers are being used, that pop-ups are allowed, and that cache is cleared so content will be accessible.

Step Four: Have Students Complete the IVS Orientation

Before students start their first course, IVS highly recommends that they go through the Getting Started at IVS Orientation to better prepare for successful completion of online courses.

Step Five: Help Students Access the Course

Students will not have immediate access to a course once enrolled. Our course system and information snyc up once around noon and again around midnight.

For Credit Recovery courses, there is a 12-24 hour delay between the time the student is registered and enrolled to the time when the student can access the course.

For Full Service courses, the student should start on the course start date if he/she was approved or enrolled at least one day before the scheduled start date. If the course is approved after the scheduled start date, it will be between 12-24 hours after the enrollment when the student will gain access.


  • If a student clicks the Launch Course button and receives an "unauthorized" message, he/she is trying to access the course too soon. Try again after Noon or Midnight.
  • If a student clicks the Launch Course button and it seems nothing happens, he/she will need to enable pop-ups so that the course will open in a new tab

Additional Materials for Class

Students may also need to secure additional materials outside the online content. Please use the highlighted link to check if additional materials are needed.

Step Six: Track Student Progress (Grades and Attendance)

The IVS Registrar, Mentor, as well as the student's parents/guardians can track student progress in the IVS Student Information System.  We recommend that grades are monitored regularly. 

The school is encouraged to provide extra help or interventions when it seems a student is struggling.  The school is also encouraged to reach out to the student's IVS Instructor as well to work together to help the student succeed.

How a Student Creates
an IVS Account

How to Approve a
Student Course Request

How to Directly Enroll a Student in a Course

How the Student Accesses
His/Her IVS Course

How to Prepare Student's
Computer or Device

View Student Grades
and Attendance

When the School Registrar is ready to perform these common tasks, click the Log into IVS icon or button below OR use the Login ----->link in the very top right navigation bar.