School Roles in Supporting OnlineLogin desk icon Students

Registrars, Mentors and Coaches make up a local school’s system of support for the online learner. Listed below are the common responsibilities associated with these School Support roles.

School Registrar

The Registrar is a required role and acts as the main school contact. This person is identified in the IVS Partner Packet and given credentials that allow full access in the IVS information/registration system called MAESTRO. This person:

  • suggests courses for students,
  • approves or denies course requests and drop requests made by the student,
  • directly enrolls students in courses,
  • monitors student progress,
  • manages student information, and
  • adds Coaches when needed.

The Registrar also transfers student course completions to school transcripts based on suggested final grade and completion certification issued by IVS. The Registrar will be cc'd on many emails from IVS instructors to all students associated with the school.


IVS requires at least one school Mentor, which is identified in the annual IVS Partner Packet. Each Mentor has his/her own credentials in the IVS information/registration system to access all studentsassociated with the school.  IVS would caution you not to assign too many Mentors to keep this role manageable and to maintain local FERPA compliance. If a school has multiple people monitoring student progress, consider using the Coach role identified below.

Like the Registrar, Mentors may recommend courses to students. However, the Mentor cannot approve course requests, drop students, or directly enroll students in courses in the system. This is the responsibility of the Registrar. Often the Mentor is a Guidance Counselor, Assistant Principal, Department Chair or some other overarching school role. The Mentor will be cc'd on many emails from IVS instructors to all students associated with the school.


The Coach is considered an optional role, and it may be that the same person who is identified as the Mentor will also act as the Coach. This person is seen as someone who has daily contact with the student, tends to be in the room as the student participates in the course, and can assist with monitoring student progress.

Each coach has his/her own credentials that are created by the Registrar, which allows access to monitor progress for only those students that are assigned to him/her in the IVS information/registration system. The Coach will be cc'd on many email from IVS instructors to only those students assigned to him/her.

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