Meet Stephanie C - IVS Alumna

Stephanie graduated from University High School and currently attends Columbia University in New York. She is majoring in Philosophy and minoring in Jazz History studies.

She was selected as a John Jay Scholar at Columbia University. She was accepted to all the colleges she applied to including UC Berkeley, UCLA, USC, Stanford University, Northwestern University, University of Michigan/Ann Arbor, University of North Carolina/Chapel Hill, Georgetown, Carnegie Mellon, and Yale.

Stephanie completed the following IVS courses the summers before her 6h grade, 7th grade, and 12th grade years in school:

  • Algebra 1 Semester 1,
  • English 1 Semester 1, and
  • Consumer Economics.

Stephanie took the IVS courses because she wanted enrichment courses during the summer while in middle school. In high school, she preferred to take the required Consumer Economics course through IVS online because she enjoyed the previous courses she took while in middle school. After completing the English course during the summer before her 8th grade year, she became very interested in writing and language arts. She took all the language arts classes available at her schools and enrolled in a dual credit courses in English, Philosophy, Politics, and Music from her local university.

What aspects about the online learning environment did you appreciate and why?

I liked the flexibility the the IVS online environment provided so that I could easily pursue other activities. For example, during the summer before my senior year in high school, I was selected to attend Grammy Camp/LA (USC Thornton School of Music/for music production), and I secured a summer internship with a company in Santa Monica (  I was able to travel to Los Angeles that summer and work on my Consumer Economics course while doing my internship and attending Grammy Camp!  If I did not have this option, the summer schedule of this course at my high school would have precluded me from these other opportunities.

I also liked being able to work at my own pace and receiving prompt and comprehensive responses to any questions I had from the teachers. I also appreciated the organized of each course and the excellent presentation of the material.

How did your IVS prepare you for further education, work, or life?

It helped me learn to be disciplined with my time and realize that I could handle a significant workload if I am efficient and disciplined.

What wisdom would you offer to students interested in taking online courses with IVS today?

I would highly recommend to other students to take online courses with IVS, but I would also stress that one should approach it seriously and stick to a daily schedule to stay on track.