Meet Jack B - IVS Alumnus

Jack graduated from high school in 2019 and is now attending a college in South Carolina as a member of the Honors College.  He lettered in swimming and was on the honor roll throughout high school.

His high school has a lot of mandated courses and very limited flexibility in scheduling. They also do not allow gym waivers for sports so most students have a very packed schedule. The school does not require a world language for graduation, but Jack thought it would be a good idea to take Spanish through IVS on his own time so he could have a study hall every semester during the day at school, which allowed him to keep his grades up and do better in school. He completed the following courses at IVS:

  • Spanish 1 Sem 1 and Sem 2
  • Spanish 2 Sem 1 and Sem 2

What aspects about the online learning environment did you appreciate and why?

In Spanish class in junior high, I had a lot of trouble on tests where the teacher would say something in Spanish. If you didn’t catch it the first time, too bad, the test moved on. In an online class, you can listen to audio clips multiple times until you hear it correctly. Similarly, the regular classroom moved forward regardless if I learned the material or not. In the online class, I can spend as much time on a lesson as I need to really understand it.

IVS helped me achieve a higher GPA in high school. I don’t think I would have done as well in regular Spanish as I did in the IVS courses. I also needed to have that study hall in my daily schedule. My higher GPA has enabled me to get into the Honors College at my college as well as earn a scholarship.

How do you feel connected to IVS? In what ways did you interact with your teacher and classmates?

My teacher and another teacher at IVS both helped me individually with concepts I was having a hard time with. They met with me online after school or on the weekend. My teacher was very patient and had detailed feedback to show me what I was getting wrong. He also reached out to meet with me if I kept getting the same thing wrong over and over again. I never had a regular school teacher do that. I interacted with classmates via the discussion boards. It was great seeing other people struggle with the Spanish like I did.

What strategies did you use to keep yourself motivated and organized during the course?

I had a schedule every week that I stuck to to work on the course. I would count the amount of things I needed to do in each lesson to help me figure out how much time something would take. Working on it multiple times a week kept me motivated because I knew I wouldn’t have to do a horrible amount of work online during one day if I kept up with the schedule. 

What advice may you offer for other students new to online learning?

Make a schedule of when you are going to work on the course. Ask the teacher questions, they will help you.