What types of supports does IVS offer for our learners?

IVS is committed to ensuring the success of our virtual learners including creating a learning environment that mirrors the quality we expect of the on-campus experience. We integrate multiple tiers of support for the students enrolled in our Full Service courses: teacher, program, and student-provided. We believe these supports will help our learners meet or exceed their expectations.

Support Description

1:1 Assistance

Each instructor is Illinois certified and available to work with students through email, instant chat, phone, or video conference (upon request).

Authentic Feedback

Instructors provide proactive, timely and specific feedback in a variety of mediums. Instructors respond to student requests within 48 hours.
Community of Learners Instructors create a learning environment that prevents students from feeling isolated, built with care, integrity, respect, trust, and collaborations among all learners.
Content Teachers deliver quality content aligned to national and state standards that are relevant, varied, and generates multiple interactions.
Learning Plans Instructors accommodate the supports required by IEP or 504 plans.
Pace Chart To help students submit timely coursework and finish on time, instructors generate pacing charts identifying timelines for the course term.
Progress Updates Instructors send mid-term progress reports for all students. In addition, if a student’s grade falls below a 65%, instructors send an email notifying the student, parent, and school contact.
Teacher Homepage Instructors populate course homepages with the critical teacher, course, and IVS administrative information. The homepage is updated at least weekly with announcements to help students stay on track and do well in the course.
User Analytics Instructors use system-generated data to monitor the progress of their students. Analytics help identifies students who need to spend more time on the course while also allowing the instructors to adjust instruction or provide intervention per student needs.
Welcome Email All instructors send their students a welcome email which contains information to help the students start successfully.
Support Description

Course Design

Courses reflect a consistent, simple, and intuitive format to help learners’ gain confidence in learning online. Regardless of the teacher or course assigned, each class contains a consistent course homepage.

Standardized Welcome Unit

Every IVS course contains a standardized introductory (Welcome) unit which covers IVS and teacher policies such as academic integrity and grading, as well as a detailed course orientation (see below).
Course Orientation Before students may begin exploring content; they must complete a series of activities helping them become acclimated with the instructor’s expectations, policies, calendar, and overall course environment.
Help Desk Students have access to our Help Desk, where they may submit their question or concern in a help ticket and a member of our administrative team will follow-up.
Help Guides Located on our Help Center, we have help guides, videos, and answers to frequently asked questions for assistance.
School Mentor IVS partners with the student’s school including requiring our schools to identify a local mentor for additional student support.
Welcome Email The IVS administration sends the students a welcome email which contains information to help the students start successfully.
Student Orientation All students are required to review the IVS "Getting Started" Student Orientation. This mini-course provides critical IVS program, systems, and online learning information. Students are assessed on the student orientation in the first unit of every course.
Support Description

Communication Tools

Students have access to a wide variety of tools to communicate with their instructor and peers.

Extension Requests

If a student needs more time to complete their course, they may request a course extension by contacting their instructor.
Weekly Plan Template A graphic organizer to help students map their weekly plan.