New Students - Getting Started

All IVS students enroll in IVS courses through their local face-to-face school and must associate themselves with the school in the application. If a student is a home school student, the student will select Home School as the school organization. 

If your school is not listed as a Partner School, you should contact your school administrator and counselor to encourage them to become a participating school.

Step One: Create an IVS Student and Parent/Guardian Account

Step One is completed only once. The student and the parent/guardian will need an email account to create the account and complete the application. It can be the same email account or two different accounts, but be sure to use email that is checked regularly by both the student and parent/guardian.

When a student creates an account, a parent/guardian account is made at the same time. A unique username will be created automatically within the system, but the student and parent/guardian can create his/her own password. Once the account is created and the application submitted, the IVS system will automatically send an email containing your credentials. Look in your inbox for an email from this email address. Please keep these credentials on file.

For help creating your account, please use the following resource:

Step Two: Request to Take an IVS Course

IVS strongly recommends that students attending public or private schools work closely with their counselor to select appropriate IVS course(s) and the correct start date. Ultimately, it is the school’s decision whether to approve a student request. It is also recommended that students enroll in only one course at a time if they are new to online learning.

Note: Credit Recovery courses are organized separately from Full Service courses. Please make sure to select the course from the appropriate department.

Students needing online instructional support to complete a course for NCAA accreditation will need to enroll in our Full Service Courses.

For help requesting a course and knowing the status of the request, please use the following help guides:

Note: Students will not be enrolled in a course until the face-to-face school Registrar approves the course. Students will receive an email from the IVS system ([email protected]) when the course has been approved and you have been enrolled. There is a 12-24 hour delay between the time you are enrolled and the time you can access the course.

Step Three: Prepare Your Computer and Complete Orientation

Before you start your course, IVS highly recommends that students take the time to go through the Getting Started at IVS Orientation to better prepare for successful completion of online courses.

In addition, take the time now to prepare your computer to ensure that you are using the recommended operating system and supported web browser, allowing pop-ups, and clearing your cache so content will be accessible.

For step-by-step instructions on how to prepare your computer for IVS courses, please use the following help guides:

Step Four: Access the Course

Students will not have immediate access to a course once enrolled. For Credit Recovery courses, there is a 12-24 hour delay between the time you are registered and enroledl to the time when you can access the course. For Full Service courses, you should start on the course start date if you were approved or enrolled at least one day before the scheduled start date.

Our course system and information snyc up once around noon and again around midnight. Once they sync, students should have access to their course.

  • If students click the Launch Course button and receive an "unauthorized" message, they are trying to access the course too soon. Try again after Noon or Midnight.
  • If students click the Launch Course button and it seems nothing happens, they will need to enable pop-ups so that the course will open in a new tab

You may also need to secure additional material outside the online content.

For help accessing your course, please use the following help guides:

Once you have reviewed all the steps, please use the button below to access the IVS Student Information System to create an account, request a course, and access your course once created. You can also return to the Student and Family Portal page and click the green Log in! button.